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Can I drill a well in the city limits of Montgomery?

A. Yes. You can drill within the city limits of Montgomery. A permit is required, which we provide.

Does a well pay for itself? If so, how long?

A. Yes. In the Montgomery area, the average cost for residential water well is around $4,500. As you can see, a well will pay for itself in just a few short years.

What type of well do I need?

A. We drill all types of water wells; agriculture, livestock, pond fill, commercial and residential irrigation wells, domestic, etc.

How much difference can water well make on my water bill?

A. If you have a standard 20 GPM irrigation system in place and depending on how long you run it per month, well water can cut your water bill from $200 - $400 per month over a seven month water window (April – October). The savings can be tremendous.

What does $4,500 or an average drilling cost include?

A. Your estimate will include drilling procedures, complete pump system, (drop pipe, wire, tank and controls) and Permit is included.

B. Not included: Electrical connection to permanent power source. We do not die in water well to existing irrigation system. We let an on-site irrigation tech handle these situations.

Who do I call for an estimate?

A. Call Preston Gothard at 334-657-0602.

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